Manual Turntable with Sub-Chassis The TD 1601 is the consequent further development I had owned a TD160 Mk2 for 38 years and love the Thorens sound.


Later in 1982 Thorens introduced the TD-160 Super which was similar to the MK II but had a few improvements such as a heavier cabinet, more dampening, a heavier bottom plate and better dust cover hinges. You can find a lot of great info on the TD-160 turntables at

DIY leather mat . Notes: Observations by Thorens tweakers from around the world. Bushman on Asylum says the following: 1) The sub-chassis plate is the same as found Thorens TD 160 MK II User Manual, html . Thorens TD16x manuals in PDF. TD160 Manual in Eng/Ger/Fr . TD165 Manual, Eng/Ger/Fr.

Thorens td 160

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Den ända jag kommit fram  "Thorens" inpräntat på remmen. Passar bl a: TD 105 - TD 115, TD 125 - TD 127, TD 145, TD 147, TD 150, TD 160 - TD 166, TD 226, TD 280 I, TD 280 II, TD 280  Denna drivrem till Thorens passar till TD- 150, TD-160, TD- 165, TD-104, TD- 105, TD-110, TD-115,. TD-125, TD-127, TD-145, TD-147, TD-166(alla som mk2 till  Traditionella värden – nu i modern tappning i TD 900-serienSom en hyllning till de legendariska TD 150- och TD 160-modellerna. Manual Turntable with Sub-Chassis The TD 1601 is the consequent further development I had owned a TD160 Mk2 for 38 years and love the Thorens sound. Kan köpa en Thorens TD 160 b MKII med en Dynavector Karat 17D2 tror den heter så PU! Tonarm är SME III s. Skivspelaren ser bra ut, vet ej  and vinyl records turbosquid realistic model of a turntable thorens 295 mk4 model Thorens TD 160 mk2 plinth standoffs - vinyl player plinth by HogwartsTrain. Drinkar.

View online or download Thorens TD 160 HD User Manual, Brochure The Thorens TD-160 comes in several variations: The mark I, mark II and Super.

2017-jan-19 - Thorens TD 309 begagnad skivspelare från Rehifi. Thorens TD 166 MkII. Rehifi ABSkivspelare · Thorens TD 160 MkII Skivspelare, Kit, Vintage.

Notes 2011 – 2012. Since this was written the arm has also been rewired with Litz wire, see Rega Arm Rewire.

Thorens td 160

Owner of VInyl Nirvana illustrates use of the stock Thorens cartridge alignment gauge

Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. The Thorens TD160 is a poor man’s Linn, and still amazingly popular as the vinyl revival continues. This is the story of a 160 reborn, with many components “borrowed” from the Linn. The AR Turntable (1961), the Thorens 150 (1965) and the Thorens TD160 (1973) are the progenitors of the UK floating subchassis turntable wave that began Thorens TD-160 MK II Review The Thorens TD-160 MK II has been off the shelves for quite some time already, but there are people who are still trying to look for 2nd hand models to purchase. If you are lucky, you will be able to snag a relatively cheap one that will suit your budget. Thorens TD160 by Tim70_99 I have had three of these of these tables, and still have two an early one with a black plinth and, sadly, no cover and a later one which came with a Shure M75ED Type 2 complete with original stylus of undetermined hours. Vintage Thorens TD 160 Super Turntable with Grace Tonearm.

Last Modified: 5 Jun 2012. Notes 2011 – 2012. Since this was written the arm has also been rewired with Litz wire, see Rega Arm Rewire.
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Original Thorens drive belt for TD 160. Fits also a lot of other Thorens models. Only original drive belts are working perfect. Beware  Thorens TD-160 HD BC turntable available to purchase with free delivery from Hifi gear online store official Thorens dealers. SRM/Tech Silent Base – Thorens TD 160/165/166 Suspended sub-chassis decks need a solid, non-resonant base and spikes are the ideal support in this  Other Hi-Fi Product Thorens TD 160: 58 images, 5 files to download and 5 user review(s) 13 Sep 2013 Thorens TD160 It's almost forgotten about now, but warp back thirty years and there weren't many serious audiophiles who hadn't owned a  15 Jul 2020 Back in 1972 the original Thorens introduced the TD 160, a triple spring- suspended sub-chassis design that quickly became a  Rafina Fără adăpost Consistent Record player turntable Thorens TD 160 SUPER with SME: Elektronik; Psihologic ca asta farmec Thorens TD 160  Vintage Thorens TD-160 Turntable, includes SME Model 3009 Series II Improved tonearm and Stanton 681EEE stylus.

Skivspelare. Prylar. Behöver du hjälp eller har du en fråga om Thorens TD 160 HD? Ställ din fråga här. Lämna en tydlig och omfattande beskrivning av ditt problem och din fråga.
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The Thorens TD-160 HD is a light, compact and easy-to-use premium turntable that doesn’t ask too much of its owner. While not quite plug and play, it is startlingly close. While I prefer the warmer, weightier balance that I get from my Michell Orbe SE, I still believe that the

25 bud. 189 EUR. Visa 1626448. SKIVSPELARE, Thorens TD 160. Helsingborgs Auktionskammare  Restaurierter & Modifierad Thorens TD 160 plattspelare Limited Edition Gold Metallic: Electronics.